Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ward Christmas Party

One of the best parts of the ward Christmas party is when Santa comes! We were babysitting little Harper that night so we got a darling picture with her!

They took a little extra time that night convincing Santa that they were on the "nice" list!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Let's Play Music

Branden and Donivan started a new music program this fall. Let's Play Music is a wonderful program that teaches children to enjoy music! Some weeks they are more excited to attend than others. Rosalyn Ellsworth is their teacher and can I just say, she is "fantastic!"

Saturday, December 11, 2010


I am learning a new way to spell T R O U B L E!

Its Branden, Peyton and Donivan!

Look at those cute little innocent faces all dressed up in their Sunday best!
What will they think of next????

Harper's Blessing

Sunday, December 5th was Harper's very special day! She looked like such a princess in her beautiful white dress.
What a special day and BTW, such a great looking famlee!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Its official. . . its on!

I think this picture says it all! In Tanner's mind, its the most wonderful time of the year!

Official stats - 2-2 of Higley High School JV team as of this week!

Thanks Spencer for the pictures!
More to come!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Field trip to Vertuccio Farm

Just before the Thanksgiving break, the first grade class ventured out on a field trip. It was hard to pick which classroom I would chaperone, so, I left that decision up to the teachers. First we loaded the bus which is such a treat for boys whose parents drive them to school everyday!

Vertuccio Farms is the vege stand on Power Road close to our home.

This is called their "pizza farm". Here in this farm they grow all the items to make a delicious pizza. I took lots of pictures of this garden because I know this is what Mark's garden would have looked liked if the chicken's didn't eat it first!

Here is Donivan checking out the goat with his class. He is trying to see if it a boy goat or a girl goat. Since it produces milk, I wonder if he ever figured it out!

The kids LOVED milking the cow, even if it wasn't real!

Then we headed over to the corn maze. That was some corn maze. I even got lost in there!

Then the fun really started as they played in the carnival area!

The carts were so fun to peddle and race

Donivan's little legs barely reached the peddles!

Even Ms. Matthews, Donivan's teacher, got in on the fun!

Of course there was lots of hay to jump on.
OK Donivan, show us some muscles and ring that bell!

Then we ventured over to the pumpkin patch to find the best pumpkin!
How FUN, our very own pumpkin!
So many to choose from . . .

I never knew that they had so many fun things to do behind that farmer's market. In fact when the boys said that we were going to spend 3 hours there, I said "WHAT?" It sure was a fun morning!

We are so grateful!

I am feeling a little behind these days but our Thanksgiving holiday was filled with so much excitement. The little guys were so excited because Ryan came home from NAU and he even brought a friend that was far away from his family.

Pictures are not in order but enjoy!

I love how all the cotton and elm trees are beginning to show signs of fall. Donivan always enjoys climbing any tree that he can get to.

Meet the newest member of our family. Yes, that's right, another PIG! We might as well take advantage of our full acre of land. Once the homes begin to build to the north of us, I don't think they will want to smell "PIG"!
Mark heads over to the vegetable/fruit stand on Power Rd. and they give him all their throw aways. We also have the famous orange bucket outside the back door (only because I won't let him keep it in my kitchen) that we HAVE to throw all our extras into.
Donivan and Branden will feed this little guy for a little while but once he gets bigger, watch out!
It was an industrious weekend with lots of cleaning. The chicken coupe is one of the boys favorite places to visit. Everyday they run out and LOVE to collect the eggs.
The chickens used to get all the table scraps. Now they are out of luck. They have some competition!
Donivan knows he can get the best view up in the tree!
Here is the story of our "fall garden" in a nutshell. Mark worked so hard to plant lots of fall vegetables and I was so excited. About three days after he planted, the boys went out to feed the chickens and left the gate open. The chickens helped themselves to his beautiful garden and this is all that is left! It truly was enough to make a grown man cry!
Reteaching them how to shut that darn gate!!!
More baby chicks for lots of eggs in the spring.
After Thanksgiving dinner, we played a few family games. Dad was so proud of himself here. HE WON! The best part was that there were no little tears! Just sad faces!
We decided this year to put the turkey in our deep pit in the back. It always starts with a BIG fire.
Mark manning the fire but mostly enjoying some peace and quiet!
Grandpa enjoying some time with the grandkiddos.
Lots of down time enjoying the many football games that seem to be on EVERY channel.
Kevin, Jenna and Kyle rockin babies!
We are so BLESSED!