Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bye bye doggies

In March, we said good-bye to Jake and Diesel. They were the cutest little doggies BUT they thought they were "pit bulls" in a puppies' tiny body!!!

They had zero bladder control so they spent most of the winter outside. We tried and tried for 9 months to potty train them. They were so darn cute and I couldn't get myself to punish them. I could never catch them doing their job so I didn't know which one was doing it!!! Needless to say, we have decided that we are not dog people! Well most of us are not, well OK, Mom is not a dog person! Especially when I constantly had to clean up after them and besides, Braxton was scared of them and didn't like to come to Grandma's house. That was a huge bummer!!!

The final straw was when they were playing a little too rough with the chickens. They would chase them all over the yard and then pick them up with their teeth to herd them to the back of our lot where they belong. This would maim them and then the other chickens would peck them to death. As soon as we got rid of the dogs, our chickens started producing eggs. We know they were terrified of these little raskels. Remember from previous posts, You don't mess with Mark's chickens!

Kyle's work

These gates are just a sample of Kyle's creations. He has done all of our gates and what a great talent he has! These gates he made for Uncle Bob.


Valentine's Dance

This post is almost 3 months late but none the less, here we are on Valentine's Day. I am so grateful to the "love of my life" for putting up with me for the past 30 years.

"Through thick and thin" AND "throughout all eternity" is not enough time when you enjoy being together as much as we do!

It was a great activity that our stake hosted. It sure was fun to pull my hubs out on the dance floor. I have to say that after he got warmed up, he ended up wearing me out! Thanks for a great night!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Peter Cottontail arrived once again!

Easter was fabulous this year with most everyone together for dinner (minus Ryan). I just LOVE when everyone comes together and really enjoy each other.

Kevin holding baby Harper with Tessa!

Donivan and Peyton playing "pirates"

The wind was blowing super hard so we all went outside to fly kites. Even Braxton got one way up high!

Tessa, Rachelle and her friend, Kevin.

Michael and Dad talking a little business.

My cute little Merek trying to keep up with the BIG kids!

Chrystal and Jenna

Donivan and Merek

And some choose to stay inside and play video games!


Monday, April 25, 2011

Breakfast with the fellas!

My boys LOVE to invite their friends over for breakfast on their late start days. This particular morning, the boys went paintballing early in the morning and came home to bisquits and gravy!

I have to admit, its a great way to get to know their fabulous friends!

Branden and Donivan LOVE to join in on the fun!