Saturday, January 1, 2011

I LOVE Christmas Eve!

There is something special about Christmas Eve. I LOVE to celebrate on Christmas Eve and I could just forget the whole Christmas morning thing. I don't know why but it seems like the air is so full of LOVE, everyone is happy and the spirit of the season is still strong. Maybe its because we are all together!

This year, everyone had in-laws to visit so we just ate and exchanged sibling gifts, but that seemed special. Everyone was together! Even Grandma and Grandpa Elmer were with us.

I need a new camera! Every picture that I took for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were blurry!!! I was so disappointed. I posted the ones that won't make your head spin.

All of my adult kiddos (from Tanner up) drew names at Thanksgiving and then exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve.

This year, Tanner had Kyle's famlee and couldn't resist buying his boys their first BB gun! Sam and Peyton were pretty excited about this! Thanks Kyle & Chrystal for being good sports! Oh by the way - keep it at your house!
It was so fun to have Ryan home from his mission this Christmas. I have to admit that it makes Christmas morning so different when you are not waiting for a call from a missionary!

Michael and Tessa spent their first night in their NEW home Christmas Eve. After living in a bedroom in our home for 5 months, they were pretty excited!

Grandma and Grandpa opened their gifts up Christmas Eve also. Grandma got a new yarn case,

and Grandpa has two new books to read!

After everyone left, we did the Christmas story with our unmarried children and they opened their new pajamas! Those pictures were too blurry to post!