Friday, October 7, 2011

Preschool with Braxton

Jenna traveled to New York with her mom and sister so Mark and I got to attend Braxton's Preschool Party. It was loads of fun being there as "grandparents" and not the oldest parents in the class! Mark helped out with the craft activity.

Snack time that day included a tray full of veges. Lots of the little kiddos were crying because they didn't want veges!!! (What mother would ever bring veges for a preschool snack????) The preschool teacher, Mrs. Smith, was bound and determined that the children would eat ALL their snacks that day! I found the ranch dressing, put it on Brax's plate and told him to dip the veges in and lick off the dressing. Then the teacher walked away, I quickly threw his plate in the trash and said, "ALL Done, we were the first!!!" You can tell I have been around the block a few times!

Then we quickly hustled over and started the limbo dance! Braxton was much more flexible than me! ☺

As I was leaving and walking down the hallway, I noticed this cute poster of all of Brax's favorites!

What a FUN morning it was!

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